Waterproof Bag
Waterproof Bag

Safe!This floating dry bag not only waterproof but also dustproof, snow proof andsand proof. Whatever you go fishing,Kayaking,Swimming,Camping,even be caught ina downpour,this dry gear sack can protect everything inside.

Pithy!This compression dry sack with adjustable shoulder straps and smooth surface,makes this waterproof dry bag easy to carry and wipe clean. You will love thislightweight and convenience.

Durable!This floating dry bag used waterproof highest quality PVC with sturdy weldedseam which is designed for years usage, tear, rip and puncture proof. Perfectfor almost any outdoor activity.

Easy!How to use this roll top sack? Just put your gear in bag, grab top woven tapeand roll down tightly 3 to 5 times and then plug buckle to complete seal,finished!

Waterprooffloating dry bags have different sizeyoucan chose yourself.This compression dry sack also can be used as a supplementalemergency flotation device.Dry gear sack keeps your belongings safe. A perfectgift for outdoor lovers.